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6:38 AM

Shi Han

Etched by Isaac

Today has been an amazing day.
Firstly, I managed to get my logbook signed off properly, and the module leader was pleased with my work (which I had to stay up late to complete some parts I didn't know existed). Finally completed my 120ish MCQs and my five clerked cases + D/Dx + plan. Last week's full-blown work to complete the rest of the logbook has been justified. No need to go to PRH just to get the logbook signed off! YES. Thank God!

Then the email came from the school office, stating that I'd passed my elective module. YES. Thank God!

Then I got to meet Shi Han, whom I hadn't seen since I left Australia about a year and a half ago. Time really flies; we had a great time catching up and just walking about. Oh, and we had seafood too. Much talking, we did. Much talking. Much good talking. We both share the concern that we won't know enough even after graduating. The upcoming responsibility is scary... but we will get through it. And much ranting of the heart and more heart vs brain debate. Talking about taking risks in life, and quarter life crisis!

-- Never thought this day would come. --
-- I had good lighting. And yes, she's cute. --

-- The day I made Shi Han eat an oyster. Hahahaha =P --

Looking forward to Thursday indeed. =D
p.s. I am glad you came. Thank you.

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