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9:44 AM

We are all like Herbal Eggs

Etched by Isaac

My random and weird post title stems from a sudden thought when I looked at the picture.

It is true.
Like herbal eggs, we are all essentially the same on the inside. We come in different shapes and sizes. Some of us are better looking, and some not so. Some of us are broken. And we all have a dark side. No matter how hard our shell is, eventually we'll develop into full-bodied and fully-flavoured individuals that will serve a position and place in the world. Interestingly, the more cracks we have in our shells, the more beautiful we become eventually. Quirky character much.

But I digress. The herbal eggs were a success! Tasted one the morning after soaking them in the soup. LEGIT. I approve. Feels like such a long time since I last bought a herbal egg back home. This helped. A lot. I am happy. Thank you to Esther for the idea and recipe!

-- One of the better marbled ones. --

-- The picture that inspired the analogy. Also, a reminder to myself of the stuff I do at 1.40am. --

Right now it is 1.30am. I should be asleep. Was so hyped up about making good use of time when I was in the almost empty bus back from Princess Royal. Five hours later, still hadn't had my shower. At least I'd solved my administrative problems. Timetable clashes. Had to email people in charge and stuff. Also, managed to get most of the moods in the house up over dinner, mine included, yay.

If there's one thing which is blatantly obvious to me now, is that people tend to not value what they can get for free, even if what they get for free is way better than what they pay for.

Tomorrow (actually in 6.5 hours), the junior doctors of the UK (most of them, at least) will go on a 24-hour strike in protest of an upcoming contract. Assuming the strike actually gets carried out this time, it will be a historical moment. A very interesting time for me as a medical student to be in the UK, of course. But I'll be staying away from the hospital. Have to do stuff anyway, and the extra time will be welcomed. I believe that this week I will break through the barrier that has held me back for the rest of Year 4. It's time to be more academically productive!

Also, in other news, I got my reply which enabled me to send the parcel. But the reply more than enabled me to send the parcel - the reply rocked my world. I was very happy. Still am. Because it confirmed a lot of things which I had worried a bit about, in the positive sense. But now, there is a new bump in the road ahead. Much prayer is required. There's going to be a lot of trusting in God. As in, there is no choice. Which sometimes is a good thing. Too much choice isn't always a good thing, from experience. But, as mentioned in the recent Sunday sermon, "Your circumstances may change, but God and His promises do not change,". I believe that God is good, and His plans are to prosper us, and not harm us. The only catch is that we often won't understand how God's plan works, because we ain't no God. We be like ants trying to understand a different dimension we can't even see. But right now, I will do what I can to support her. Honestly, the best thing I think I can do, is pray. So, I pray. I've been praying more than ever in my life. But God is good - He has always been good, is still, and will always be. His mercies endure forever. I believe it is good to declare His promises, just in case we, as usual, sometimes, forget. I try to remind myself at times too, because, like many others, I'm often way harder on myself than I am on others. Simply because I hold myself to higher standards, and am therefore, more unforgiving - a bad habit which I am working on changing.

Believing God for a miracle, once again.

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Alien Magician said...

everytime i see eggs:

Isaac said...

ooooh cool! It's been a long long time since I last set eyes on that great show =)

Alien Magician said...

hahaha they were all literally my childhood. till today i can still belt out numbers from the original and all of the sequels right up to number 10 without missing a beat.

Isaac said...

hahahaha :D childhood memories stuck in head, will not leave.

Alien Magician said...

exactement haha :P