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6:51 AM

Building PCs

Etched by Isaac

I am in the midst of doing some DISCERN work for my IRP after finally completing my GP report (thank God!), then I realise that I really miss the times back home when Daddy and I would just talk about building PCs. Daddy is the reason I am as tech-savvy as I am now. Not many six-year-olds can claim to have used Windows 3.1 and played with DOS. Growing up, I was always surrounded by the bits and pieces of old, unwanted PCs that Daddy brought back from the church and church members. Taking them apart, he would set aside the parts that were useful, and those that weren't, and stored the useful parts in a big box. They always came in handy when he needed to fix a PC. Mummy would get angry about the parts taking up space though, and one day, many years later (2014 I think), Daddy got rid of all the not-so-useful older parts, leaving only a few newer ones. He kept the diskettes though, which I was happy about. Diskettes remind me of my childhood. I played Wheel and Raptor off one. Those were the good old days indeed. =)

My Daddy is my Superman - he seems to be able to do anything.

He does all the things the man of the house should proudly do, and more. Fixing, carpenting, plumbing, gas and electricity, wiring, hardware, drilling, painting, sanding, gardening, assembling, car maintenance, bicycle maintenance, metalwork, and more. Now he spends more time with Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance (which I introduced him to and he has played way more hours than I have hahaha) and sometimes we talk about skirmishes and the like.

He seems to have a map of Peninsular Malaysia in his head. He can remember so many roads and where they lead to. He is the default driver, and never complains even though he's tired.

He also taught me to play badminton, which is basically my only sport now. The numerous hours spent whacking the shuttlecocks in the car park lot behind the clubhouse certainly influenced my life. I still remember those days, like they weren't too long ago. But they were. Time certainly flies.

But deep down, I know time is taking its toll, and my Daddy is growing old, and I'm nowhere near him right now, and probably won't have a lot of time at home once I start working (which makes me sad). He's definitely keeping up with the times though - he uses his smartphone for more functions than I do with mine. He does Waze too. And he plays with Linux! (which I have not even touched), He can programme databases, and songsheet and recording software. He also uses Photoshop and GIMP. Always learning something new.

But above all, he has God in his heart, and has, with Mummy, raised Gordon and I to be God-fearing children. I hesitate to use the term "men" because I don't feel like a man just yet.

Treasure your parents. Spend time with them while you can. They are infinitely precious. The Bible says to honour your father and mother. I think I'm learning to do that, still.

"Train up a child in the way he should go,
And when he is old he will not depart from it." - Proverbs 22:6 (NKJV).

Every single day here, I thank God for putting me where I am, and for giving me such wonderful parents. I am extremely blessed. And I pray for their health, and that they will be blessed, and continue to be a blessing to others.

And hopefully, one day, I'll be able to be like my parents.
I'll be coming home soon. Stay safe!
Miss you and love you. 

4 opinions:

Alien Magician said...

this :)

mothers may nurture but the presence of a dad is a necessity for a boy.

Isaac said...

that is true. Father figures are very important. Unfortunately, the changing society has taken that away from some children. =/ much prayer needed for them.

Alien Magician said...

unfortunately =/
the father figure gives the boy an idea of the masculine, of what is right, and also forms the boy's ideals of what he should and shouldn't aspire to be when he grows up.

Isaac said...

Yup, in other words, the father figure is a human version of what our Heavenly Father is like. =)