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6:39 AM


Etched by Isaac

This is how I remember us.

The innocent (relatively), young(er), simpler (I really think so) us.
When life was a lot simpler than it is today.
When things were less complicated.
When I said "I love you.", I meant forever.

and I still do.

But it was not meant to be; or at least you thought so.
Of all the things I choose to remember about us, I've chosen to forget the pain I felt when you made that phone call - when you ended our relationship.

I remember you instead, standing just in front of me, staring up, craning your neck, tiptoeing, coming in closer to nuzzle me.

I remember you hugging me.
I remember your laughter, and your pout.
I remember your quick wit, and your evil grin.

I remember the fun times we had.
I remember the food we ate.
I remember the places we went.

I remember the things we did.
I remember the little things.

And I miss you.

I know you have moved on (somewhat), or at least you'd like me to believe you have.
And I know the you of today is very different from the you I fell in love with.
And I think I've moved on too (somewhat).

But I'd just like you to know that once upon a time, in a place called Shah Alam, many years ago (lol like 6), when I said, "I love you.", I meant forever - and that still stands, and it always will.

Because you have played such a big part in my life, making me who I am today.
I thank God for you.

I still pray for you. Still want the best for you.
I still do.

You will be a doctor soon. And probably a better doctor than I will ever be. And that's a good thing. I've always admired your determination and drive. Wish I could be as motivated. But you never thought I thought that way. But that's okay.

People come and people go.
You've left your footprints in my life, and I guess, I have, in yours too.

God bless you.

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