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Etched by Isaac

I realise that two whole months have flown by since my last post. Much has happened in life, and God has been teaching me a lot. Never before has His grace been so real to me - and while I'm not happy about sinning, I'm happy that the redemptive message of His grace became ever so much more real in my life. Brought to my knees by the realisation of the extent of my brokenness, I asked God for forgiveness, and yes, I knew from the lifting of the burden on my heart, that God had forgiven me - what remained was to handle consequences of sinning - but I knew that everything would be okay, and I have been shown so much love by those close to me. Love so undeserved. Jesus said he does not condemn the sinner, but also commands the sinner to leave their life of sinning. (John 8:11)

-- Promises --

The Year 4 rotations come and go, and now I'm in the final week of HIV/ID/GUM, and am convinced more than ever of the brokenness of mankind in current society, and the need for a Saviour. Becoming more aware of the moral and sexual revolutions which started a few decades ago, alongside with the current state of decline of the church in the Western world, I delved deeper into Scripture and its study - spending way more time reading and studying the Bible and interpretations of Scripture than what I should be studying on a medical course. However, I have (still) no regret, and can easily spend a whole day just reading through so-called "Christian stuff".

Salvation is extremely important, and I do not want to realise only too late, that I never really had salvation all along. The parable of the ten virgins (Matthew 25:1-13) has taken on a whole new meaning to me. Every day I find new treasures in Scripture. I am sure that Isaiah 45:3 is true - that God gives us hidden treasures, which are hidden in such a way that we need to work towards finding them, but they aren't impossibly out of our reach. Bible verses can jump out at me as I read through the text. Surely God knows how to perfectly place a well-timed piece of advice, or a rebuke, or a promise in my life. As I walk in this journey, I am slowly learning to trust Him more and more every day, and even my doubts are slowly evaporating.

He recently spoke to me to meet a friend, and to bring a book to give this friend, and although I hesitated, I packed the book in my bag (God's Smuggler - brand new, hadn't had the chance to read it yet), and I asked God for a sign that I should give it to this friend, and in conversation, the friend mentioned that not only did he enjoy reading, he often found truth in books, so I handed him the book and told him about how it had come to being in my bag. On top of that, he confided in me that my invitation to meet had come at the most-needed time possible - when he was feeling the most down he had ever been in a long time. Instantly in my head, BAM, God's timing is perfect, and I need to learn to trust Him more. God knows what He's doing, and I don't have to make total sense of it to go along with what He wants to do (Isaiah 55:8-9).

-- God's Smuggler --

In the past three months or so, I've spoken about Christianity and the Gospel to more people than I have ever done so in my entire life. It is like I am possessed - any chance I get - any person who will listen (given the appropriate circumstances) - I bring up the topic of God and faith and Jesus and salvation. My list of people to pray for has grown to the extent that I keep it digitally because I can't remember all the names any more (it's about 35).

Yes, I know that it is all dependent on the Holy Spirit moving in their hearts, and I cannot convert anybody (that would be amazing though but scary) but that does not stop me from speaking about it, because I know that as long as I speak the truth, God will be with me, and every single person deserves to have the chance to hear the amazing Gospel of grace and salvation. (Romans 10:14; Matthew 9:37) And aren't we Christians to go make disciples of people of all the lands of the Earth? (Matthew 28:19) So despite knowing just how divisive the topic is in today's society, I still persist in spreading the Gospel, where and when I can. And I can say that I have no regrets. Being persecuted for Jesus is a blessing (Matthew 5:11). What little I have, I offer to God for Him to use.

Reading Revelation 2-3 has definitely been a kick to me to take my faith more seriously. Revelation is a scary book to read, but it resonates with what's happening in the world at the moment, and I really feel that all believers have to ensure that they themselves are aware and prepared to face the upcoming onslaught that will otherwise take them by surprise. The church has to stay faithful to Christ, and not sacrifice His principles, teachings, and commandments. Christians are not of the world, so there really is no pressure for church, and for Christians, to adopt the culture of the world where it clashes with what God prescribes for us in the Bible. Being Christian is not to be popular with the world - in fact Jesus said that the world will hate us, His disciples, because the world first hated Him (Matthew 10:22; Mark 13:13; Luke 21:17; John 15:18-19).

Being a Christian is to swim against the tide of secular culture - we have to keep swimming, or we will be swept over the steep waterfalls.

But God gives us grace, and His grace is always enough; we have all His promises, which we can claim from Him; we have mercies which are new every morning; we have His love so amazing; we have treasures in Heaven; we have assurance of our salvation; we truly have reason to live.

-- In the Pavilion gardens. --

The amount of time I've spent writing stuff for my Facebook account is staggering - my almost-daily commitment to writing a Christian reflection/opinion post takes anywhere from 20 mins to 2 hours of my time, and yes, I've had people dispute stuff with me, alongside other Christians thanking me for putting my thoughts into words. I started writing as a means of encouraging one of my closest friends through the difficulties she faced, and it has become a habit. I feel that I really grow through this exercise - it's like my daily Bible study homework (not as demanding as an actual Bible study, but still pretty good). Maybe one day I'll put together all my writings and publish them as a post here on my blog. =D but as always, all glory to God, He must increase, I must decrease!

What have I been reading?
I want to add to my list: (1) Jonathan Edwards, (2) Charles Spurgeon, (3) JI Packer, and (4) CS Lewis. I don't know whether it will happen in the near future, but this is the goal. I have to somehow balance this with all the medical school stuff.

-- Books! --
Am very blessed that the IRP report is done with, and the presentation slides have been approved by my supervisors too. The abstract has also been accepted for the national level conference but I'm not sure whether I want to go - will pray about it and see where God leads me. But all that can wait till after fourth year finishes. At the moment, all that is left is to finish two rotation logbooks, present the IRP slides, and study for the GP knowledge test. I really have to study the GP theory stuff because it seems to be distinct from the previous stuff and I haven't been reading it enough (if at all lol).

-- Four copies, done, hurrah. --

Back to the title of the post: I turn 25 in the UK in an hour and ten minutes. I don't know how much more time I have left, but I know that I want this time to be used for God's purposes. I am extremely blessed with family, friends, health, and financial provision. I have so much. And above all, I have God's grace. Freely I have received, so freely I shall give. At times it's difficult, because people change and let you down, but that reminds me that I should not put my faith in man, but in God alone.

-- Tim insisted on buying me a tsum tsum for my birthday so I chose a Donald Duck --

Now, to narrate part of my recent-ish life with pictures!
As you will see, I use the fisheye lens quite a lot. Amazing for group photos.
-- First time ever playing Settlers of Catan. Great game! --
-- Met up with Tom and Freddie. Great company (we chose the wrong food place). --
-- CMF at Vanessa's! Next time I'll keep the lights on for group photo. --
-- Brought Kyle and Matt to the Marina for the first time, and we dined at Jimmy's. --
-- Random encounter with Wuraola and friend =) --
 -- the Foodilic food. Really nice stuff. --

-- Inspired to recreate this to save ££ next time. Grilled cheese + sausage sandwich. --
 -- Strawberry smoothie in the making. --

-- Kyle and I in Hyde Park on the way to the RZIM event on suffering. --
-- at the RZIM event. It was a heavy discussion but definitely very good. --  
-- Centrechurch on the beach for lunch! Very sunny. --
-- Mun Yee dropped by Brighton =) --

-- With Princess Ichigo. --
-- Chris turned 30! --
-- Bought the AOG UK album. Am very happy with it. --
-- Karin and Jonny made really tasty lamb tagine. Blessed! --
-- And so there was a season of fruit juice for the flat. --
-- I occasionally spoil myself. The plain digestives are now 40p a packet! --
 -- Burger, fries, cider. --

-- with Jamie. Man-to-man haha. --
-- Went to London again and had briyani! --

-- Also had a £5 Full Monty breakfast. Brighton expensive crazy place sigh. --
-- Beginning Box Hill Hike. --
 -- Tim the Explorer. --

-- Somewhere near the top. --
-- At the top! 14-15 km later. --
-- Little Penang offers great food at an amazing price. --
-- Managed to meet Leare again! Much conversation about faith. =) --
-- Thali for £5.25. Brighton needs more competition amongst restaurants. --

Seven more weeks till Year 4 is over.
Praying for wisdom each day.
Time flies.
Let's go.

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