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3:08 AM

The random stranger

Etched by Isaac

"The reason the world is in such a big mess is because there is a lack of religion." 

It definitely took quite a bit of conviction for him to say that to me, a random stranger he just met 15 minutes ago in Morrisons.

I had been eyeing a discounted box of Pakistani mangoes when he initiated the conversation. He was an eloquent chap with impeccable manners, speaking rapidly in a somewhat London-ish accent, telling me to get the mangoes as they were fantastic.

My interest piqued, I lingered rather than shied away from the man, and so we spent the next 15 minutes sharing our thoughts about the world. Never before had I engaged so deeply in such major topics with a stranger. We spoke about the inequality of wealth in the world and the rise of greed along with the avarice of businesses, and problems in healthcare.

Upon finding out I was from Malaysia, he asked me about Dr Mahathir, and whether the country was doing okay and how I felt about the future, as a young person.

That decisive moment, rather than being surprised that a half English-half Indian British man knew something about the state of affairs of my country, I took a deep breath and plainly stated, with quite a bit of conviction, "I'm a Christian and I believe that God has great plans for Malaysia, as has been prophesied in the past. Even though things may not seem to look good right now, I know that God is working in His own ways which we cannot see or understand, and that He will make it turn out for His will, which will be good."

To my surprise, he didn't really react to what I said. But he didn't dismiss me either. We continued talking about the world, and about the UK. I found out that he worked for the local government, and was heading to work, and had to go soon or he'd be late.

We shook hands and exchanged names. "Isaac. Great name from the Bible!", he exclaimed. I handed him an invitation to church. "Must be a Christian thing, yes?", he said, before thanking me. He then told me that he felt that the reason the world is in such a big mess is because there is a lack of religion (quote above).

Taking a few furtive glances around, he then whispered, "There's something I don't dare say out loud - careful, they can hear us - Sodom and Gomorrah".

And with a huge grin, he nodded at me and left.

That was yesterday. Now I wonder to myself whether he was a Christian. He might have been. Or maybe not. But either way, it was amazingly uplifting for me to connect with someone who shared much similarity in thought, and he was a stranger, nonetheless. Definitely a light shining in the darkness, to me.

Oh, and if you're wondering, I didn't buy the mangoes after all - I'd already bought a box per day for the previous two days.

N.B. This marks the first time I've typed out a blog post on my phone. Have been stuck at Ifield station for the past hour plus due to delayed trains. Am in a train heading back to Brighton now thank God. Last GP visit too. Will miss the sessions somewhat. It has been fun.

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