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3:48 PM

Waiting at Heathrow

Etched by Isaac

All too quickly, my summer holidays back in Malaysia have come to an end, yet again, and here I find myself sitting down in Heathrow Airport Terminal 4, waiting for my bus to Brighton to arrive.

Heathrow Terminal 4 Arrivals is not a nice place to wait in - it functions well if you don't have to spend too much time in it, but thank God I found a place to sit in, and here I am, blogging after a few months of intending to blog but not ending up blogging.

Too many things have happened in the span of this year, and even more so in the past two months or so. I won't be able to update my blog completely due to time constraints. I wish I had more time. Part of me likes keeping a record of my state of mind - but I rarely get to do so, so blogging is quite a treat.

Let's see how much I can type in half an hour. I don't even know where to start. =/
Let's begin with the compulsory stuff - I've successfully completed Year 4 at BSMS (Praise the LORD!), without any hitches. It's a big difference from my Year 3 where I failed two CbDs, and had to stay extra long over the summer for the resit, before I could fly back for electives in Selayang. This year, God has been amazingly good, and everything has fallen into place, despite having other circumstances in life that have been taking up time. God is always good la. He has never failed me, and He always carries me, even when I'm not faithful - because it is His nature to be loving and kind and gracious and just.

I think I've updated my blog partially about the IRP and the GP report - both were successes, and took much time researching and writing, but they both paid off. I've never scored so well in a written piece of work in medical school before (first time hurrah). But then again, I've never spent so much time writing reports like this before (about 120 hours for IRP and 80 hours for GP report). As Nat would say, "You learn something new everyday!".

 - IRP! -

The GP theory exam was a paper which I didn't study enough for (in my humble opinion lol), but thank God, God is merciful, I passed with room to spare. Not bragging. There was a lot of prayer involved. This year has been a year of faith and prayer. More studying of the Bible than of medicine theory. I kid you not, I have been spending more time reading the Word of God than pathophysiology and management of diseases. And every day there are new treasures to discover that make my world better and more God-centric.

The summer holidays back in Malaysia were amazing. I managed to eat basically all the food I set out to eat, and more! Also, after counting, I think I had about 35 different meetings with friends, which is amazing in its own right (5.5 weeks = 35 meet-ups?), almost all of whom I had the chance to share the Gospel with (praise the Lord again!). I got to witness the results day of my IMU Seremban friends, and I shared in the joys and the distresses they went through (those who made it and those who needed more time to make it). I had the chance to be comfort in times of need, for which I am truly thankful to God for. God's ways are always higher than our ways, which is why most of the time we probably won't understand why He allows things the way He does.Sometimes I wish I could understand everything, then when I think about the implications, I think I'm better off not understanding everything. My brain would explode! =P

-- Nasi Lemak!! Best of the best. --

-- NAT! --

 -- Feeding myself and the tsum. --

 -- Bak Zhang. Have missed this so much. --

-- Good to see some of the BB boys. Jack Kee hiding lol. --

  -- A hidden scene at Hang Tuah. --

 -- Jack Kee spoilt us silly. Salmon belly sashimi! --

 -- We also visited Saisaki, and were not disappointed at all. --

-- Egg tarts! --

-- Sogo Food Court --

-- Had a good meal and catch up with Lester. It's definitely been a long while. --

 -- Also had a great time with Jasper. Time flies indeed. --

-- Gordon as Assassin's Creed on Cam 2 --

-- The Prefectorial Board decided to gather too! --

-- Yu Lek Wan Tan Mee. Simply amazing. Has MSG though I think. --

-- This sign in Ikea was amusing. --

-- Gordon with his sign hahaha --

 -- I met Shereen and we had banana leaf (again for me haha). --

 -- Also met the (now) doctors! --

-- Was privileged to see my friends become doctors! --

-- Took their informal photo. --

-- Smiles --

-- More smiles --

-- Dennis, Dennis. Hahahahaha :D --

-- Muahahahaha --

-- Random encounter of quite a few MBS guys in Lowyat. --

-- We went to Nando's! Pang Juinn's appearance was good too. --

-- 1st KL BB mini reunion in the control room haha --

-- Have never taken a photo with Uncle Gabriel and family before :D --

-- Badminton! --

-- The guys all looking good :D --

-- Uncle Chong's is still going strong and the food is still as good. --

-- Tan Sri and Abigail and myself. --

-- Kepong Yong Tau Foo. Amazing. Delicious. Best. --

-- Kepong Dim Sum. Thank you Yem for the idea. --

-- More sudden appearances by the BB gang. --

-- I must promote the garlic fried rice sold at Ichizen --

-- We met up =) and it was good. --

 -- More nasi lemak! --

-- Kajang Satay. --

-- Big hoo-ha over phone. Right now I have this as a spare. --

-- Yohini. Always good to catch up. --

-- We still game (very occasionally lol). --

-- Watched the DLCW-Lin Dan match! So much stress. --

 -- Nothing like naan cheese garlic butter and tandoori chicken! --

-- With Pastor Ong (I got Bible-smacked before the picture lol). --

-- We discovered the hot-ness of Sunway Pyramid when the air-conditioning is spoilt. --

-- Packing. Much easy food this time round. Hehe. --

-- Stardew Valley. Great great great game. --

-- The humble chicken rice. Can still be found in Taman Kosas for RM4.50/packet. --

 -- More packing. --

Of course, time spent with family was the best. Time with loved ones is always precious and over too quickly. We went up to Cameron Highlands, and we had a proper holiday, which really felt like a holiday because we had the chance to just sit on the couch and watch TV. Alice in the Wonderland has been a fun drama to watch. I have to take up Mandarin once I'm back, before housemanship otherwise I will die. The problem with having a Chinese-looking face is that everyone in the hospital automatically expects me to be able to converse fluently in Mandarin / Cantonese / Hokkien +/- Hakka and Teochew. Never mind, I can learn this language.

-- Cameron! Way too many strawberries present. --

-- All too soon. --

Time is passing way too fast. I have to say goodbyes every time I leave. Next up, I'll be saying goodbyes to my UK friends, probably for quite a long time. I may never see some of them again, but only God knows, I guess. He has blessed me richly, and I can only thank Him everyday because He is simply so, so good.

I forgot to mention that I was blessed with a free upgrade for my air ticket, from Economy class to Business class. I got stopped at the gate and was told to go to the side counter, which I did, albeit a bit hesitantly (I was wondering what the problem was, like uh oh what did I do?), then the lady cancelled my seat number and wrote a new one and told me I had to go to the upper deck because I'm now in the business class. I was like WOW and thank you so much! So I tried my best to not be too jakun, but I had fun - first time ever getting to sleep properly in an aircraft - the seats go all the way down to become 1.8m long beds! And there was so much food and drink and space. So blessed. Along the way, I got to share the Gospel with the guy next to me, so praise the Lord for that too!

-- So much legroom. Not used to this. --

-- They have satay on the plane. SATAY on the plane. --

-- Had a lamb sirloin steak a few km high in the sky. So blessed. --

-- And Haagen-Dazs! --

-- The chair flattens into a bed. --

-- Pink guava juice and nasi lemak. Seriously. Crazy. --

This upcoming period is going to be hectic. Fifth and final year - the idea is to settle it in one go. No resits and no repeats, Godwilling, and after that, maybe my family will be able to come over for my graduation and we might go sightseeing too! Exams start at the end of March, and results will be out in early May, so by then I'll know whether the elusive degree is finally within my grasp. I'll be staying with David and gang, and this year should be fun la I guess. I doubt I'll be able to take as many photos and cook as much as Year 4, but I'll try to balance my studies with time for hobbies as well. And of course, Bible time will come before everything else. God has to always come first, then everything else falls into place.

I will update this post with pictures once I can. Now I think I should go catch my bus. Maybe visit the toilet before that. It's gonna be awhile till I'm back in my own room. New room! New year, new everything lol.

And to the special superwoman girl, if you ever read this, let me tell you once again that you are super blessed. Hang in there. Don't give up. God is carrying you, and He will never fail.

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