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7:17 AM

Wider Layout!

Etched by Isaac

Took me about two hours but I finally figured out why the Cbox didn't feel like loading sometimes. Apparently it works only when the blog isn't accessed securely (not https://). But in the process of troubleshooting, I also changed the width of the blog - now it's wider which makes for better viewing of photos (hurrah lol). Unfortunately I don't have the time (currently) to go through the older posts, so some of them have some weirdly-placed photos which I aligned left to fit into the older narrower layout. Aiyah.

I don't have time to blog properly about Year 5 as of now (it's been four weeks since I landed and I'm still tired because I've been doing stuff kinda nonstop). It's been a tiring journey. Am happy I finished my Case In Depth in time. God is still the same - always faithful and good although I'm not always the same.

I will update properly at another time. For tonight (after doing this whole layout thingy and stuff), here is a picture of my white light! It helps combat SAD. Bought a new light bulb because the old one blew. Such a big difference now I don't need to use my spare light bulb which makes everything look jaundiced. Hahaha.

Mini-conference tomorrow; actual conference up in Telford later this week (I don't really want to go but they want me to so I have to aiyah). Have to spend 10 hours travelling over a period of 36 hours or so.

Must keep up the faith.

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